Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Quick End to Winter" - AOL News

"How does this benefit me," you ask? Well, on February 2, 2011, the ground hog (Punxsutawney Phil) cast a shadow, which signaled that SPRING IS COMING!

Now you may be wondering what spring has to do with the Economic Gardening Loan Program. Doesn't the thought of spring jog pictures gentler weather and flowers blooming? Generally speaking, spring makes us think of GROWTH. And I would be amiss if I didn't think of the GROWTH we can achieve as small business owners.
This leads me into my discussion of Florida's
Economic Gardening Loans.  This loan program was created to stimulate investment by Florida’s small businesses 

Loans are provided to qualified 'stage 2' businesses meeting the following criteria:
·  Revenues between $1 - $25 million, with
·  10 – 50 employees

You receive up to $250,000 to be used for the following:
·   Working capital purchases,
·   Employee training, or
·   Salaries for new Florida jobs

The Economic Gardening Loan is to be paid in 4 years, with a 2% interest rate.  Only interest is paid in year one.

Is the Economic Gardening Loan program an option for your business?  Contact me at to find out!

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