Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ask Margo: Frequently Asked Questions About Economic Incentives (III)

The posts of the past three weeks have included a list of questions/concerns I’ve received from a number of businesses enquiring about their incentive projects. I promised to provide some additional questions/concerns that you may be interested in. The following list encompasses questions I’ve received over the years, as well as others that may not have been asked yet, but will come up. If your burning question is not included, email them to me at info@marlynnconsulting.com and I will add your question to the list. If you haven't had the opportunity to review the previous blogs, I encourage you to check them out now.

Why is managing my incentive project so important?
In my experience, many businesses do not worry about their incentive projects until it’s time to submit their reports to the State for approval of their payments. The problem with this method is it does not give you an opportunity to make adjustments if you do not meet one or more of your project requirements at the end of the year. Usually, if you fail to meet one or more of your incentive commitments, you will not only lose the scheduled payment for that year. You will also forfeit any remaining payments under your incentive agreement.

Can I manage my incentive project on my own?
Sure you can! With some assistance, most businesses are capable of monitoring and reporting their incentive project commitments on their own. I would suggest, however, that the team working on your project participate in a training program to ensure that they know the specific requirements for your project. The State requires specific documentation to confirm that your business qualifies to receive a payment. To ensure timely review and approval of your payment, your team should be familiar with the types of documentation and the methods used by the State to analyze your requirements to confirm that you’ve met those requirements.

How would you help me manage my project?
A consultant assisting a business with management of its incentive project should perform periodic reviews of the business’ incentive obligations to ensure that the business is on track to meet those obligations. At Marlynn Consulting, we perform periodic analysis of your incentive requirements during the year and provide you with a report of our results. Our report also details any findings or recommendations that we believe will help you to meet your project goals.

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