Monday, March 4, 2013

Navigate the Economic Incentive Reporting Process with Ease


Businesses typically participate in economic incentives to help defray some of their relocation/expansion expenses. However, they do not always fully understand the process. Most businesses are surprised by the amount of work required to track their project goals and report their project results.

To help businesses successfully navigate the economic incentive reporting (compliance) process, MarLynn Consulting developed the Economic Incentive Toolkit. This toolkit is being offered as a free resource.
Who can benefit from this toolkit:
  • The economic incentive toolkit can be used as a resource for staff of Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) who would like to understand the compliance/reporting process. This would allow them to assist those businesses who are unsure of what happens after a project is awarded.
  • This toolkit can also be used as a resource for businesses that have begun the economic incentive process. Businesses will benefit from understanding what is required of them prior to completing their negotiations.
Major Topics Covered:
  • Economic incentives life-cycle
  • Why businesses forfeit their economic incentive payments
  • Importance of compliance management
  • What a business should have in it's toolkit
  • Case studies
  • Show me the money - The payment and reporting process
  • The monitoring process
  • Frequently asked questions
The economic incentive toolkit is available free of charge to EDO's, companies approved for an economic development incentive project, or businesses considering applying for an incentive project. To request a copy, contact MarLynn Consulting at (850) 727-0293.

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