Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Florida told to track cash incentives

I read an article this morning in the Miami Herald and thought it was worth sharing with you. See full ( Economic incentive programs like QTI are usually scrutinized because taxpayers want to ensure that the State is accountable for the dollars being used to support these programs. Often, economic incentive programs are criticized when businesses fail to meet the obligations established under their incentive program agreement. I agree that a business should not receive State funds under these programs if the criteria for receiving the award are not satisfied.

Like any contractual agreement, a business must make every effort to ensure that the requirements of its incentive agreement are at the fore-front at all times. My clients are encouraged to be proactive with their economic incentive project(s). Rather than waiting until the report is due, I usually suggest that my clients consistently analyze their incentive goals during the year to avoid surprises at the end of the year. Clients who adhere to this recommendation are more likely to succeed with meeting their incentive project goals as they are able to make adjustments before the requirements are due.

If you want to ensure that your company satisfies its economic incentive commitments so that your company does not show up on this list in the future, give me a call at 850-727-0293. As an experience Incentives Consultant, I will hold your hand through the compliance process. Together, we will ensure that your company is able to receive ALL of its scheduled economic incentive payments.

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