Friday, November 18, 2011

Medical Facilities Mandated to Transition to Electronic Medical Records

The Federal Government mandated that all medical records in the U.S. are to be converted into an electronic format by 2014.  Penalties will be levied on healthcare organizations and physicians who fail to convert to an electronic format for storing and maintaining their patient's medical records.

In an article written by Charlotte Crane, (see full article here, an organization called the Big Bend Regional Healthcare Informationn Organization is helping to digitize medical records for Leon and the surrounding Counties.

Medical facilities who are training their employees on this new format to ensure accurate data transfers and maintenance of their patient's records are also taking advantage of Florida's workforce grants.  Through these training grants, a medical facility may reduce the cost of training its team by 50%. 

To find out how you can reduce the overall cost of complying with the Electronic Medical Records Mandate, give me a call at (850) 727-0293.

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